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USA Today bestselling authors Caia and Daniel are a co-writing team, living their very own Second Chance romance. After dating WAY back in HS for like, a week, Daniel decided to see other people all while Caia had no idea they were ‘dating’ in the first place. Fast forward 20-some years, Caia wrote her first book, Daniel read it, and BAM. Second chance romance… Love of their lives… Love stories you only read about in fairy tales. Both loved books, so they decided to write together! Every story focuses on a badass leading lady and the men – and sometimes women – that worship her. Genres include most poly groupings including MMF Menage (their personal favorite!) other menage including MFM and FFM, Reverse Harem, and even NSFW ‘Quick and Dirty’ romance in an hour or less.

Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to the playground where playing pretend never felt so naughty…

XO, Caia & Daniel