Merlot - Hudson Yards, Book 1

“I can’t help but seek Luc & Alec’s attention, the way they look at me like I’m the only woman in the world. Because as it turns out, for the two loves of my life, I am.”

Merlot LaRue

Luc and Alec are my best friends, and they’re hopelessly in love . . . with each other. But after a drunken threesome made me realize I was in love with them both, I moved out and moved on so Luc and Alec could chase their happily ever after without me in the way.

Now just days after returning to Brooklyn—unemployed and avoiding a stalker ex-fiancé—Luc drops a bombshell: He and Alec aren’t just bisexual, they’re Poly. They’re both in love with me and want to commit to a relationship, the three of us. What the hell do I do now?

The right thing—I turn them down. Again.

But Luc and Alec don’t take my rejection well, and they scheme to prove to me that this thing could really work, offering the possibility of accepting Luc and Alec’s love in a polyamorous world I never knew existed.

Could I be Poly? Can Luc and Alec share me? Can I really share two men?

After denying my feelings for year, so much is riding on one night to prove to my fragile heart that just maybe, I can accept Luc and Alec’s love in a world that may never accept us.